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CEO Magazine
Senator Bob Worsley, American Investor and Politician, Founder of ZenniHome, Founder of SkyMall, USA

TantonWatch: Battling Hate in the Immigration Debate Intro (PDF)
Utah civic leaders call upon Sens. Romney, Lee to back immigration reform bills

GOP donors push senators on immigration

The Salt Lake Tribune
Bob Worsley and Noelle Cockett: Mitt Romney and Mike Lee should support bipartisan immigration solutions

A biomass energy plant in Snowflake helps power forest thinning on post-fire landscapes

Deseret News
Why the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s voting restrictions

Aliento Dreamer keynote on Zoom

Nursery Management
AmericanHort announces 2021 Impact Washington Summit

12 News
Arizonans endorse GOP reform ‘manifesto’

Desert News
‘A call for American renewal’: A manifesto from over 150 Republican Party reformers

Desert News
Evan McMullin and over 150 other conservatives threaten to leave GOP without reform

Arizona Public Media
Arizona voters to decide on in-state tuition for Dreamers next year

MIRR Alliance
Overcoming Xenophobia

Arizona Capitol Times
Senate must do audit right or not at all

RealClear Politics
The Rapidly Changing Marketplace for Political Books

AZ Mirror
Arizona election officials ran this election with integrity and transparency

Josh Hawley’s attempt to block Biden’s Homeland Security nominee shows how little he cares about national security

Arizona PBS
Arizona State Legislative District 25 Candidate

Arizona PBS
Bob Worsley’s new book “The Horseshoe Virus” speaks on immigration and the Republican Party

ABIC Summit

Posted by American Business Immigration Coalition – ABIC on Thursday, December 3, 2020

AZ Mirror
Arizona election officials ran this election with integrity and transparency

Joe Biden won. Waiting to accept that is a serious misstep, former Republican leaders say

Mormons, a highly courted electorate

ABIC Letter of Support for Mayorkas

Daily Kos
The Article Tucker Carlson Hopes His Fans Don’t Read

Lincoln Project
The Lincoln Project Interfaith Panel

Deadline White House
This is not the Republican party that the greater Phoenix area Mormons have known
Donald Trump Jr. visits Mesa for ‘Latter Day Saints for Trump’ event

The Hill
How fast population growth made Arizona a swing state

Only In America
Vote of Conscience: Bob Worsley

The New York Times
How Mormons Fed Up With Trump Could Help Lift Biden in Arizona

Dismantling Trump’s Fear Zone

Will Mormon Women Sink Trump in Arizona?

‘They scare the politicians’: How the Patriot movement’s extreme views found a home in the GOP

Mormons rejected Trump as blasphemous. Now he likely can’t win without them.

Former Arizona lawmaker blames far left and far right for rise of anti-immigrant policies in US

‘It’s not what Christ taught’: How voters of faith are viewing Trump and Biden in Arizona

Why This Conservative Republican Backs Biden

Republican Latter-day Saints members unite against Trump

We are LDS but would never speak for the church. Neither should those stumping for Trump

Pence Mesa visit angers some Mormons

Hundreds Of Mormons Object To ‘Latter-day Saints For Trump’ Rally